You have mold or need sanitization – what are the treatment options?

Nature Cleanse utilizes 3 types of treatments based on the cleaner we use and depending on the clients needs and severity of the mold and/or air quality; Botanical , Disinfecting HOCL and Enzyme.

Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner (BAC)

Nature Cleanse believes in providing a solution as natural and organic as possible. That’s why we choose BAC for a majority of our cleaning solutions. Made with botanical ingredients, BAC – Botanical Antimicrobial Cleaner will stop odor causing bacteria & prevent mold. Perfect for mold remediation projects, neutralizing odor leaving no harmful residue. Non-corrosive, non-staining, made in the USA, ready to use formula.

BAC can be used in a wide range of applications, from residential mold removal, commercial and residential sanitization, RV/Marine sanitization and maintenance – and is our preferred treatment for most applications.

Disinfecting HOCL

HOCL – Hypochlorous Acid (HOCl), has been known for 150 years. In fact, our white blood cells naturally produce HOCl to fight infection in our bodies. There are many manufactures of HOCL disinfectant – we use the only one which is hospital grade, added to List N and pass one year shelf-life stability and was tested in GLP labs using extremely rigorous EPA approved testing protocols, over multiple lots. Suppliers, purity, concentration & processing of all individual ingredients were approved, with strict statistical limits on all, along with rigorous safety reviews, using a superior process and incorporating only the purest ingredients. We utilize HOCL in commercial high-volume areas (offices, medical facilities, food prep), vacation and rental properties for change-over sanitization, and some residential applications.

Mold Enzyme

From stubborn microbial growth and for the clients who “just want it taken care of”, we use a mold enzyme treatment which is a concentrated formula specifically blended for mold and mildew remediation. It safely and effectively cleans fungus, mold spores, and Mildew stains. Our chosen enzyme uses rapid penetrating action which breaks down, removes and cleans accumulated organic debris. It eliminates odors by destroying the source and is accepted as Generally Regarded as Safe (GRAS) by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration).
This proprietary multi-enzyme formula effectively works within minutes to disintegrate and carry away organic soils , and is neutral and contains no harsh chemicals or chlorine which makes is safe and will not harm upholstery, carpet, or landscaping. We utilize enzyme treatment for stubborn areas such as basements, attics and residential homes with more aggressive and advanced mold.

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