For spaces such as offices, boat , RV , vacation/rental property turnovers and new home purchases, Nature Cleanse offers a Sanitization Treatment Program on a periodic or scheduled basis, we pre-wipe flat surfaces and vacuum carpeted areas where needed, then treat the areas with antimicrobial disinfectant with electrostatic sprayers. Air scrubbing and HEPA-vacuum can be added.

Sanitization treatments programs can be used in-between tenants on long term rentals, during the turn-over period for short term rentals such as vacation properties, RV, boats and winterized 2nd homes during the winter months while in storage to help manage those musty odors and microbial growth while not in use. It can also be used after a home is purchased by prior to moving in to provide a health environment and Fresh Start in your new home.


Standard service:

Apply HOCL or Botanical Antimicrobial Disinfectant via electrostatic – low micron sprayers
Wipe flat surfaces with disinfectant wipes

Additional services:
HEPA-Vac floors and walls when necessary

Operate air scrubbers which cycle and filter whole volume of air approximately 4-6 times per hour through MERV-13 air filters.
Install/hang humidity and moisture removal and absorption bags (1 per every floor or 750 sf).