Post-Treatment Protocols

So you’ve found mold, tested for mold, removed/treated the mold. Now What?

Your not out of the woods yet. Post-treatment protocols will vary from property to property and is primarily based on what the issues were leading to the mold problem in the first place and what was suggested in your initial mold inspection.

Post-Treatment Testing should be conducted within 7 days after treatment has been completed. This Post-Test is a very important step and should not be skipped, and can void any warranty or guarantee if ignored. Testing should be performed in the same locations using the same methods where feasible to ensure treatment/removal was successful. There is mold everywhere, so the levels will never be 0. But the EPA and mold testing laboratories have a calculation process for determining what is considered high – this test will be analyzed and compared to the initial levels to see how effective the treatment was. If levels are still high, re-treatment may be necessary.

Post-Treatment Management and Protocols: Mold needs moisture. Period. In basements it can be from a leaking foundations, low ventilation, condensation on copper pipes or a failed water heater or boiler. In attics its usually poor ventilation not allowing condensation to evaporate. Whatever the source of moisture is, it needs to be remedied or your mold treatment efforts will go to waste and you will find your self in the position again and again.

If your moisture issue is from no gutters, or improper grading allowing moisture to settle at the foundation, that needs to remedied. If your home air circulation or ventilation is insufficient – dehumidifiers and whole-house air filters and ventilation fans may be required.

These precautionary recommendations should be made in your initial mold inspection report and will be necessary to maintain a mold free home. As with the Post-Test, ignoring these post-treatment management protocols may void any warranty or guarantee of the treatment and removal, and will not allow for proper analysis and evaluation of the mold removal process.