Boat Marine

Boats and Marinas have conceivable the hardest challenges with moisture control – they’re on the water. Boats have a added challenge in that every effort is made to make the cabins as dry and well-sealed as possible, especially during winter months when they have been winterized and covered. But unfortunately – that also helps seal the moisture in when then creates a dark, warmer moist environment which is ideal for mold. Musty, moldy cabin areas are almost the normal – but it doesn’t have to be.

Nature Cleanse Boat sanitization treatment service will apply antimicrobial disinfectant during the winter months on a routine basis. After applying disinfectant (we cover electronics with specialized cotton sheeting), we wipe all horizontal surfaces and install and replace humidity moisture absorbers to help reduce manage moisture. In some instances, mold testing and removal is also needed in more severe cases.

Marine sanitization is typically applied to off-season areas of the marina such as bathrooms, storage areas, pool houses, etc. where activity is greatly reduced and closed for several months. Our periodic sanitization treatments and moisture absorbers will work in the same way it does for boats, and greatly reduce microbials, germs and bacteria until the areas or reopened for the next season. Our boat service can also be an added service option to the marinas current winterization services as a sub-contract arrangement.

Eliminating moisture in boat and marine applications is impossible, but with periodic sanitization it can be managed and greatly reduced, and increase your chances of preventing a major microbial infestation.