Recreational Vehicles

RV’s (recreational vehicles) are prone to poor ventilation during down times. Travel trailers, camples, 5th wheels and true RV – motorhomes can hold moisture and over a period of time start to create musty odors and sometimes begin to grow mold.

Nature cleanse offers our sanitization treatment program utilizing either our Botanical Antimicrobial or HOCL Disinfectant application using electrostatic sprayers to get in all areas of your home-on-wheels to help maintain a fresh environment. We cover all electronics with specialized cotton sheets then wipe all horizontal surfaces and high-traffic touch points (door knobs, handles, etc.). We will also hang moisture absorption bags which last up to 60 days to help capture additional moisture.

If microbial growth (mold) has already found its way in, we have mold removal program using either the Botanical Antimicrobial, or our Enzyme Mold and Stain remover combined with air scrubbing and HEPA-Vac to clean with both pre and post testing to ensure the removal was successful.