Whether you are a B&B, VRBO, local motel, hotel or chain, Nature Cleanse can help keep your clients stay a memorable, clean and odor free experience. We apply our Sanitization Treatment program in by applying either our Botanical Antimicrobial or HOCL disinfectants using the electrostatic backpack and handheld sprayers set to the smallest micron setting to ensure we cover every inch of the room. We then wipe all horizontal surfaces and high-traffic touch points such as door knobs, phones, remotes, etc providing maximum sanitization and coverage. Additional HEPA-VAC service is also available.

You can choose the schedule as you deem necessary – multiple rooms, entire floors on a weekly, bi weekly or monthly basis. We also treat offices, storage areas and meeting room facilities. Our technicians wear proper PPE per EPA and manufacture guidelines, practice professionalism and courtesy to your guests. Night times appointments are available to meet your scheduling requirements if necessary.