What We Do

Nature Cleanse lets you, your family, and your business breathe easy, by offering effective, long-lasting, and environmentally sound mold removal and sanitization solutions for indoor biological contaminants.

Our approach is intended for mold removal in areas affected by microbial growth due to ventilation challenges such as attics, homes with poor ventilation, enclosed space, basements and areas which had past moisture issues that have repaired. Typically our clients do not require deconstruction (wall removal) and major remediation – we will often refer these types of projects to restoration specialists.

Our space sanitization treatments are intended for offices/commercial, rentals, boats and RV’s which need periodic disinfecting and cleaning, using antimicrobial disinfectants via hydrostatic spraying, fogging, HEPA-vac and air scrubbing.

IN short – we offer two main services – Mold Removal and Sanitization.

Mold Removal is actually a suite of services combined to identify and remove microbial growth from your home or business. Typical scenarios are attics, basements, areas with poor ventilation – where there is reason for concern such as visible mold, health issues, past water leaks or moisture damage.
This service typically includes mold testing, treatment application with one of our treatment options, and post test to ensure the treatment is successful and the mold has been reduced to normal levels. During the treatment application process, we may HEPA-Vac walls, ceiling and floors and run air-scrubbers with HEPA filters to process and cleanse the air.

Sanitization services consist of applying antimicrobial disinfectant either as a one-time treatment or multiple treatment’s as part of a treatment program, to help sanitize indoor areas by applying specialized antimicrobial disinfectants which no only help kill microbial growth, but over 99% of all germs and bacteria – keeping a fresh smelling and healthy environment.

Treatment Programs are typical for RV’s and Boats during the off season, to help minimize and control musty odors and microbial growth when not in use or in storage.

Treatment programs are also used in 2nd homes during the winter also to control must odors and microbial growth while not in use. “Turn-Over Treatment” is used for vacation rentals, school season rentals or long term rental properties which includes sanitization in between tenants.