Mold Removal

So you found it, you tested for it – now you need to get rid of it.

*Our program for removal is somewhat simple, but our technicians still wear proper PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) per EPA and manufacture specifications; typically a respirator, gloves, goggles and sometimes a Tyvek suit.

Mold Removal

First we HEPA vacuum walls and floors removing any loose microbials and filtering through a HEPA filter in a special vacuum.

Second – we apply treatment to all areas where we suspect microbial growth to be, properly sealing off rooms and areas that may not be affected. For sanitation and maintenance treatments (RV – Boat – winterized vacation homes), we simply apply treatment to all living and occupied areas and spaces. Our treatments are developed to be applied to dry with minimal to no wiping after applications, utilizing Electro Static Sprayers (see below for information about our ES Sprayers).

Third – areas with visible growth still visible after treatment with are clean but visible, will be encapsulated with formulated paint with a antimicrobial additive when necessary (primarily used in attics and basement situations).

Fourth – air scrubbing – depending on severity, we will operate air scrubbers which are commercial grade fans with specialized HEPA filters which capture microbial spores, processing the air over and over. These scrubbers can run 2, 12, 24 and sometimes up to 36 hours – cleaning and filtering the air. Unlike most companies, Nature Cleanse includes the air scrubbing in our treatments so you do not have to pay more.

Post – Treatment – all the mold removal, cleaning and remediation in the world wont stop mold from coming back. Mold is everywhere – what matters is if there is moisture and food. So it is imperative to follow post-removal protocols – which means you have to make sure whatever allowed moisture to enter and stay in home is fixed and/or managed – or you’ll be doing it all over again in the future – Learn More about Post- Treatment Protocols.

Electrostatic Sprayers

What Are Electrostatic Sprayers and Treatment?
Electrostatic Sprayers produce a positive electric charge to spray droplets. This charge causes disinfectant/sanitizer droplets to be attracted to the negative surface areas as if they were magnetized. Consequently, the disinfection/sanitization process is much faster and provides more uniform coverage of the targeted area. The droplets of the liquid disinfectant/sanitizer can even attach to areas out of the direct line of sight of the sprayer which would normally be missed by normal sprayers.

Why Electrostatic Sprayers?
The cleaning industry realized the great potential of using electrostatic sprayers in applying sanitizers and disinfectants more effectively. The traditional methods of dry and wet dusting, unless done with rags which are washed carefully and regularly, basically spread the germs around. On the other hand, the electrostatic spraying devices expel droplets that electromagnetically attach to surfaces and envelop all targeted objects with a force 40 times greater than the force of gravity. Therefore, we can ensure that surfaces that normally get missed because they may be hidden or difficult to reach can be covered with disinfectant on all sides (top and bottom just like a leaf). Furthermore, due to the positively charged nature of the droplets, they are repelled on surfaces that have been sprayed, so the result is an even cover of the disinfectant.

Another advantage of the electrostatic spraying technique is that since the droplets are attracted to surfaces, they do not drift away or fall onto the floor area. In fact, the coverage to tops, sides, and bottoms is increased 70 times more than conventional sprayers.

As a result, we are now able to all surfaces, including hard-to-reach ones, much more effectively.

Learn More about Post- Treatment Protocols.