Real Estate

Mold and Sanitization and real estate transactions tend to go together hand-in-hand. Add the pressure of having limited time to solve issues which arise from the home inspection and dealing with mold issues becomes a complex event in any transaction.

Nature Cleanse has a many years of experience in the Real Estate industry in RI, Mass and CT. If mold has been detected due to poor ventilation (attics – basements) or past moisture issues (leaking roof, plumbing or drainage which has been repaired) we can help with mold removal to get your deal back on track and to the closing table – affordably, quickly and with a certificate of removal for the transaction.

Nature Cleanse also offers whole-home sanitization treatments for buyers to help create a fresh and healthy environment in there new home before moving in, by treating surfaces and air with antimicrobial disinfectant, air scrubbing and HEPA-vacuuming where needed, which kills over 99% of bacteria and germs, filters the air and create a true “Fresh Start”. Learn more about our Sanitization Treatment Programs here.